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PATENT Application Drafting, Filing, Prosecution, and Litigation

Importance of Patent Law and Experienced Representation

Your Intellectual Property rights deserve protection, just like any other asset under your control. When you can define and protect your ideas, then you set the stage for your brand, company, or invention to prosper. The identification, procurement, and ongoing maintenance of these assets through qualified representation is the best way to protect your rights through patent law.


What Are Patents?

A patent allows you to prevent other people or companies from creating, using, or profiting from a process or product that uses claimed technologies which belong to you. If this protection were not in place, then anyone could use what you develop to create sales for themselves without giving you any recognition for the work.

Patents provide a license which confers a title or rights for a set period. It applies to every industry, giving you the sole ability to exclude others from your invention. There are three types of patents currently available under U.S. law.

  • Utility patents cover machines, processes, manufacturing, matter composition, or the improvement of an existing idea. This option lasts for 20 years from the filing date for the patent.
  • Design patents are for new and original purposes that ornament a currently manufactured device, which can even include icons for a computer. It must be aesthetic-only to qualify, and it is enforceable for up to 15 years after issuance
  • Plant patents are the least-common type issued in the United States. It applies mostly to novel, non-obvious, and asexually-reproducible plants.

When you protect your rights over an invention or idea, then the exclusivity you receive allows you to maintain a limited monopoly on its use and development. You created it, which means you deserve to profit from it if you wish.  

What Can You Do Today to Protect Your Invention or Idea?

You must stay ahead of the competition who might try to profit from your Intellectual Property. Whether you need to file for a patent or protect the one you currently own, having qualified and experienced legal help will reduce the risk of an error in the application and implementation process.

If you have an invention or idea that you wish to patent, then please contact our firm to discuss your invention or idea today. Protecting your invention or idea must occur sooner rather than later.

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